Diet Details

A lot of people have been asking me what am I doing to lose weight and since that isn't a simple question to answer I've decided to add this page to the blog so I can lay out everything I'm doing as well as provide links to more information for those who want it since much of what I'm doing goes against mainstream ideas.


The Primal Diet is the foundation of my program. What is a Primal Diet you ask?  It is a based on research done on what kind of food humans evolved eating (although it is updated for the modern palate as mammoth tartar is no longer available these days).   Mark Sisson has the best info on the Primal diet.  You will find an avalance of information on his website

(Some of you may be more familiar with the term Paleo Diet.  The Paleo Diet's main proponent and researcher is Dr. Loren Cordain out of my old alma mater Colorado State University.  The diets are pretty much the same, but there is a philosophical difference in the proportion of saturated fat that should be eaten.  Dr. Cordain has traditionally advocated a lower saturated fat intake although he has been softening his stance recently.  I tried the Paleo Diet in February 2009 and failed miserably.  One of the main reasons I believe is because of his insistance on keeping saturated fat ratios low.  I have since learned better and will write more about saturated fat and its benefits below.)

Mark has a page (Primal Blueprint 101) which is the best place to start, but it is so comprehensive that even it can be overwhelming.  So Mark has written a book titled "The Primal Blueprint" which lays it all out in a more familiar format.  However, not to worry if you choose not to purchase the book as most of the information contained in it is available for free at the website.

Here is a link to purchase the book from the website.  Even if you don't plan on buying the book, it would be good to visit the link as there is a nice 2 1/2 minute video of the man himself talking about why the diet works.  It is also on one of those long pages that are so popular these days when someone wants to sell you something.  However, it does give a nice overview of all the benefits of eating this way so it might be worth your time to read through it.

For those who want a less expensive option, here is the link to purchase the book on Amazon.

What is so Controversial about this Diet?

To begin with the diet is based on eating meats, vegetables and some fruits. 

Constipation  Gutsense
Pain Free back
Bioidentical hormones
other supplements
Coconut Oil/milk
Intermittent Fasting
Bodyweight exercise
High fat, adequate protein, low carb