Friday, October 1, 2010

242 lbs

WOO HOOOOO!!!!!  It's finally official!  Down 50 pounds!!!!

Can't take a lot of time to blog this morning, but do want to do a brief catch up.  To make a long story short, I've learned that I have an allergy to potatoes.  They really do a noticeable number on my knee - swelling, pain, weakness.

I decided on Tuesday to make myself eat clean (as in no foods that could possibly cause allergic reactions) just to see how the knee would do.  I thought if food could make it so dramatically worse, then I wondered how much better the knee might get if I eliminated those foods.

I was shocked.  Not just by how much better the knee got, but by how fast it got there.  On Tuesday, I ate a parfait from Whole Foods about 11 am, but after that I had a steak and a salad made with lettuce, raspberries, and red bell pepper.  The salad dressing I made myself with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Then I was busy the rest of the day and didn't eat again.

So Tuesday night my knee was painful and too swollen to straighten all the way.  By Wednesday morning I could only detect very slight swelling on only minor discomfort.  I could straighten it completely and it felt pretty strong.  Stronger than it had in a long time.

So Wednesday I made a roast and had roast beef and another salad for lunch.  For dinner I had roast beef and a coconut milk smoothie.  Yummm.  Delicious and fast.  I also had to switch to my skinny jeans as the other ones were starting to fall off.  And I'm thinking I'm going to need some new bras as well. 

So I'm really curious how much weight I could lose if I can manage to eat this clean for a week.  I'm going to give it my best shot even though I start hospice this evening.  However, this is my last week on call.  After this I start my new job at the inpatient center.

Oh, another thing I noticed is that the eczema at the corner of my nose and the patch on my right eyelid cleared up pretty fast.  I still have areas on the back of my hands and on my forearms and the skin around my lips is quite itchy.  It had been better yesterday so I'm wondering if there was something in few slices of deli ham I ate yesterday that made it worse.  Also, I realized that I probably shouldn't be eating bell peppers as they are a nightshade just like potatoes are.  Will keep experimenting and let you know!

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