Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 164 247.6 lbs

Yes, it's been 2 weeks since I last posted.  I was so busy last week I didn't have the time, but my weight last week was 249 lbs.  And now this week basically the same as it was 2 weeks ago.

I have actually been doing pretty good food-wise the last 2 weeks so I can only say that it has something to do with not being able to exercise like I used to.

I had my first real PT session a couple of days ago, so now I feel I am officially on my way to recovery, but it won't be fast.  Edward Drangle, my PT, only adds exercises one at a time so if something starts hurting then we will know which exercise is doing it.  Plus my treading water has been cut back to only 20 minutes every other day so we can see if that is hurting my knee.  I actually did my first 20 minutes yesterday and my knee has been hurting more ever since so I'm trying not to get discouraged.  At least I know I did the right thing by going to a PT.  It was all just too complicated to figure out on my own.

For example, since herniating my L3 disc 3 years ago, the adductor in my right thigh has not been right.  Right after the herniation, I wasn't able to lift that right foot up to set it on my other knee so I could put my shoe on nor could I raise it up high enough to put my pants leg on either.  All that improved so I didn't realize it still had some weakness, but that weakness has made it difficult for my right leg to keep up with my left leg when walking.  Since the adductor is weak then my body had to recruit other muscles - esp in the lower back - to get that leg moving otherwise I'd just fall flat on my face.  Just another piece of the puzzle....  Now we have to see to what extent we can strengthen that adductor again.  No telling if there is permanent damage there or not.  It sure feels like there is though.

Also it is amazing, but Edward had me feel the difference in the muscles between my two legs and while there is some tone in my left leg (what little I can feel underneath all the fat that is - ugh!), my right leg muscles are just mush.  But it was knowledge like that that let me know I found the right PT.  I have so much confidence in him.  He's very zen-like in the sense that he seems to know how to just be in the moment.  In other words, when he is working with me his focus is solely on me and then when my appointment was over he moved on to his next client and gave his whole attention to him.  I really like that.

I had to join a gym near my house as Edward is clear across town from me and it wasn't very practical for me to drive all that way so often.  This gym is just 2 blocks from my house.

So, even though the weight loss has slowed way down, I am still losing and there is still so much room for improvement that I'm not discouraged.  It's not like I'm working as hard as I possibly can and still not losing weight.  Once I'm better I can exercise again and perhaps finally start doing sprints and build muscle all of which will speed up fat loss.

I'm very happy with what I've accomplished so far.  45 lbs is nothing to sneeze at.  Even if I didn't lose another pound for the rest of the year I would have won because for so many years I faced one New Year's after another where my weight hadn't dropped or (more usual) had increased over the year.  This year I know for certain that I will end the year at least 45 pounds lighter than when I started.  I can breathe easier, bend easier, and move easier than I could in January.  So while I wish I was still losing 2 1/2 lbs a week like I did in the beginning, I'll take any weight loss I get at any rate it comes.  At least, after 20 years, I've finally figured out how to do it.

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