Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 126 253.2 lbs

Ok, down 1 1/2 pounds this week.  I'll take it!!!  It's been a rough month weight, food and knee-wise, but hopefully this finally breaks the plateau and I'm on the way down again.

I am going to have to count on the 80/20 rule though (diet counting for 80% of the weight loss and exercise 20%) as I am still resting my knee and so not exercising.  I am trying to get back on a daily routine with Intu-Flow and I have arranged to meet next week with a professional bike rider who will critique my position on my bike and give me advice on how to fix it if I'm not positioned right.

I also figured out this week that I am doing a lot of damage to my knee just getting out of the car.  When I started back to hospice last Friday, my knee was feeling pretty good, but by Saturday afternoon after getting in and out of the car about a billion times to make visits, it was killing me.  Of course then I started paying attention to what I was doing when I got out of the car and (of course) it wasn't good.  Instead of turning in the seat and standing up out of the car in a straight position.  I place my left leg on the ground and then use my right leg to push against the floor mat and push me out of the car.  So my right leg/knee is bent and twisted.  Not good. 

I've worked the rest of the week to stop that habit and make myself turn and place both feet on the ground before trying to stand up.  It's been a battle to remember to do that, but I'm getting there.  I now wonder if doing that has been the biggest cause of my knee problem.  It would be nice if it was because now that I'm aware of it I'm going to stop it and if that knee will heal now I'll be over the moon.  I do plan to do another radio frequency treatment on it today so that should help it feel better this weekend. 

And so another piece of the puzzle is found.

Still did not manage a one day fast this week, but I do feel like I'm readjusted to the low carb again and I can hopefully pull one off this week.  I think if I can I will be back to 2 to 2 1/2 pounds per week even if I can't do any cardio.

I have not got on the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine this week at all due to rupturing one (and I suspect two) functional ovarian cysts this weekend.  I have gotten these about once a year for the last several years now so I'm all too familiar with the pain and my intuition felt that the vibration wouldn't be a good thing until I healed, but I will try it today and see how it feels.  I do really want to try to do it every day that I can.

Still eating on that meatloaf I made last week.  Yummm.  It makes a good breakfast!

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