Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 140 247.8 lbs

Wow what a week. Down 3 1/2 lbs.  I think it's safe to say I'm off the plateau.  Woo hoo!

So that makes 44.2 lbs lost up to this point.  Still can't quite comprehend it, although I did start to feel yesterday like my hips were smaller which is kind of cool.  And for some strange reason I didn't expect this slow fat loss from all over my body all at the same time.  I guess I thought the belly would go flat first and then the hips and thighs etc.  But that's silly of course.  Strange what ideas can creep in and you not even realize it.

Probably the best part about this week is that I managed the weight loss without any exercise whatsoever because of needing to rest my knee.  It's given me a sense of relief that I now know I can keep losing weight even while I spend the next 3 months rehabing my knee.  My chiropractor says it's the ligaments around the knee that aren't keeping it stabilized and in its correct position which then affects the joints above and below the knee.

One thing my last appointment with the chiropractor proved is that part of the pain with the knee is just misalignment, because about half of the pain I was having went away after he adjusted that leg and the lower back/sacral area on that right side.  It continues to amaze me how much misalignments affect me.

So the chiropractor (and I now think he is the best chiropractor in the multiverse - that's multiple universes for those who don't watch the Science Channel :-) says I'll need to wear a knee brace to keep the knee in alignment while it heals over the next 3 months.  I see the physical therapist for the first time on Tuesday so will see which brace he recommends before I buy one.

I also guess I need to go back to wearing my orthotics.  I stopped wearing them because I know I won't strengthen my feet and leg muscles enough to keep me in alignment while wearing the orthotics, but I know it's too soon.  I still weigh too much and need the orthotics to keep me stable so my knee will heal so I can exercise and get healthy so I don't have to wear orthotics!  I always have been the impatient sort, but I don't want to be stubborn about it.  I just want to get well and get healthy-er.

And for those interested in what I ate this week... I still was far from perfect.  There was that one night that I stopped at the gas station on the way to make a visit and got a package of Hostess Cupcakes and some cheetos and then the hawaiian pizza I ate one day.  However it was only a 10 inch pizza and I only had half for lunch and the other half for dinner.  A big improvement over the past when I would eat all of a large pizza in one sitting.

Still, most days I ate just a burger for lunch and maybe some meatloaf for dinner.  But even with the meatloaf I was having a slice of bread.  I just made sure I put plenty of butter on it.  And heaven help me the only vegetables I've eaten this week are the ones on the burgers I buy.  I'm so bad.  Not sure when I'll change that.

I've also had some watermelon this week too and I've stopped at Taco Bell a few times and had a couple of tacos or maybe a steak quesadilla with sour cream.  So as you can see I still eat a lot of fast food, but now I try to stay away for the drinks and shakes and the fries etc.  Without all those extra carbs I don't stay hungry so I eat a lot less.  And while I didn't manage a whole day of fasting again this week, the hunger is still under control.

Oops.  I just remembered the toaster strudels I ate.  Sheesh!  How is it that I manage to lose weight when I still eat so much junk?  Well, I know that I'm eating far less junk than I used to so that helps, but I also think the intermittent fasting has a whole lot to do with it.  The key has got to be in keeping those insulin levels down so I can stay in fat burning mode.  I'll just keep working on improving my diet but not beating myself up for when I don't eat so healthy.  For me it's a good balance right now.  I don't feel like I'm 'dieting' at all or even putting any effort into it and yet the weight keeps burning off.  I'm so happy!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 133 251.4 lbs

(I have got to figure out a better way to title these posts other than day so and so.  Sigh.  I have no imagination.)

SOOO, I finally hit the 40 lb goal.  Only about 3 weeks later than I wanted, but it actually doesn't sound too bad when I put it that way.  The problem was the not knowing if I was just on a plateau or if I'd stopped losing weight entirely.

But that was almost a whole 2 lbs this week even though I was really bad on Sunday and ate a whole bag of Doritos and a whole container of Tostitos cheese dip.  However, Monday I pulled it together and cooked up a bunch of bacon, stopped eating all the extra carbs and got back into the not so hungry mode.  I didn't manage a whole day of not eating, but that's ok.  Just getting this experience of falling of the wagon so to speak, and then getting back on so easily has given me a lot of confidence and a renewed motivation.  (The wagon in this case is not just eating low carb, but getting the hunger back under control.)

Actually, yesterday I did try to do a whole day fast, but got hungry so ate a couple of pieces of bacon in the morning and then got hungry again when I was at the clinic where there isn't much to eat so I had a small handful of almonds and then later a package of crackers and peanut butter.  Then, by 5 PM I was hungry again, but was going to my nephew's high school graduation (and was still trying not to eat much anyway) so decided to stop at Sonic and get some mozzarella sticks.  (Ya know it would be a lot better if I ate some vegetables once in a while.)  Then after the ceremony I had a (small) piece of graduation cake, but that was kind of cool because while it tasted really good, I was actually satisfied with just a small piece which NEVER happened in my former (pre-low carb) life.

So, as you can see, the way I eat is nowhere close to perfect, but the key to dropping the weight, at least for me, seems to be keeping my carbs low enough to keep the hunger under control so that I can do the intermittent fasting which keeps my over all calorie intake for the week less than what I take in.  And I feel it is crucial that I do it low carb and not just low calorie because the low carb keeps the insulin levels low and allows my body to go into fat burning mode.

So all in all it's been a good week and my knee keeps improving, but not to the point where I can exercise yet.  I've got the name of a good physical therapist that I hope to get an appointment with in the next couple of weeks in order to get some advice on how to work with this knee to get it healed and keep it that way.

In the meantime I'm just focusing on the Intu-Flow for now.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 126 253.2 lbs

Ok, down 1 1/2 pounds this week.  I'll take it!!!  It's been a rough month weight, food and knee-wise, but hopefully this finally breaks the plateau and I'm on the way down again.

I am going to have to count on the 80/20 rule though (diet counting for 80% of the weight loss and exercise 20%) as I am still resting my knee and so not exercising.  I am trying to get back on a daily routine with Intu-Flow and I have arranged to meet next week with a professional bike rider who will critique my position on my bike and give me advice on how to fix it if I'm not positioned right.

I also figured out this week that I am doing a lot of damage to my knee just getting out of the car.  When I started back to hospice last Friday, my knee was feeling pretty good, but by Saturday afternoon after getting in and out of the car about a billion times to make visits, it was killing me.  Of course then I started paying attention to what I was doing when I got out of the car and (of course) it wasn't good.  Instead of turning in the seat and standing up out of the car in a straight position.  I place my left leg on the ground and then use my right leg to push against the floor mat and push me out of the car.  So my right leg/knee is bent and twisted.  Not good. 

I've worked the rest of the week to stop that habit and make myself turn and place both feet on the ground before trying to stand up.  It's been a battle to remember to do that, but I'm getting there.  I now wonder if doing that has been the biggest cause of my knee problem.  It would be nice if it was because now that I'm aware of it I'm going to stop it and if that knee will heal now I'll be over the moon.  I do plan to do another radio frequency treatment on it today so that should help it feel better this weekend. 

And so another piece of the puzzle is found.

Still did not manage a one day fast this week, but I do feel like I'm readjusted to the low carb again and I can hopefully pull one off this week.  I think if I can I will be back to 2 to 2 1/2 pounds per week even if I can't do any cardio.

I have not got on the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine this week at all due to rupturing one (and I suspect two) functional ovarian cysts this weekend.  I have gotten these about once a year for the last several years now so I'm all too familiar with the pain and my intuition felt that the vibration wouldn't be a good thing until I healed, but I will try it today and see how it feels.  I do really want to try to do it every day that I can.

Still eating on that meatloaf I made last week.  Yummm.  It makes a good breakfast!