Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 98 255 lbs

255 lbs.  Down 37 lbs since the beginning.  Feels like a milestone to me, which is weird because you would think a more even number like 250 would be a more likely candidate.  But getting into the 250s seemed like such an impossible task just 3 'short' months ago that to be solidly into the 250s, right at the midpoint, seems amazing to me.  I want to savor this victory, but it is hard to really feel it.  Intellectually I know what I've accomplished, but, its hard to describe, I somehow can't wrap my mind around it.

I didn't have any time to exercise this week.  The hospice calls were relentless this week and I didn't get much sleep and then had things to do during the day.  Still I dropped another pound and a half and it probably was more, but I ate some carbs last night, nothing crazy, but enough that I'm sure I'm holding onto some water this morning.  I really want to work more on getting more fresh food into me.  I depend heavily on fast food hamburgers for a lot of my meals.  I'm just not sure how to work it all in.  There is so much more I want to do exercise-wise as well.  I want to sprint, and do more of Scott Sonan's stuff.  I want to do the Samba DVD that I have.  I want to go for more walks.

Speaking of walks!  This is the week that a miracle occurred.  My knee/right leg has finally stopped hurting!  After 2 weeks on the MaxGXL, the inflammation in my body decreased enough that the pain in my knee, lower back and hip pretty much stopped.  I really didn't think that those remaining pains were all caused by inflammation but apparently they are.  The chiropractic and rolfing made huge, major differences, but that deep ache that kept me limping seemed intractable even though I kept making small improvements with the body work.

I really was shocked by this.  I still can't quite get over that it doesn't hurt to walk anymore.  (Well, there are small twinges, but they are no big deal.)

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