Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 91 256.4 lbs

OMG!  Down 5.8 lbs this week!  That's a total of 35 1/2 pounds to date!

But actually I know that number is a little skewed because I didn't show any weight loss last week.  However, I did carb out the night before my weigh day last week so even though I probably lost a couple of pounds that week it didn't show.

Doesn't matter though because I am so thrilled with the results.  Everyone started commenting on my weight loss last week.  I'd wondered when that would start happening, but it was really good because it happened the week that the scale didn't go down.  So even though I didn't have the motivation from the scale, the motivation from everyone noticing was far better.

Plus the whole clothes thing is really cool.  I had to ditch 4 pairs of underwear that just hang on me now.  If I didn't still have my lower belly they would just drop to the floor.  Also I put on a blouse last night that used to be too tight and now it's almost too big.  How cool is that?

Now I am also doing the Lipo Ex treatments.  (Have I mentioned this yet?  I'll have to look back at the last couple of posts.)  Yesterday was my fourth treatment and I was able to go ride my bike for 2 hours almost immediately afterwards for the first time.  Hopefully I burned a lot of fat!  I rode for 24 miles and my knee didn't hurt which brings me to my next segment.

The MaxGXL that I've been taking for the last week and a half is what I give the credit to for this latest miracle.  Not that my chiro and rolfer (I wonder if there is another term I could use?) haven't been responsible for most of the improvement because they have.  How much they have helped me is more than I think I can ever repay, but they can't work with the inflammation in the same way the GXL can and I can really tell the difference.  My thumb joints, especially my left thumb which has more of the arthritis than the other, barely feels it at all now.  And all these improvements took such a major leap yesterday.  I mean when I woke up yesterday, I still did my usual limping as my right leg took back on my weight after being in bed all night.  But while I was riding my bike yesterday I realized that my knee wasn't started to hurt the longer I rode like it usually does.  And then later that evening, I realized I was walking normal - without pain!  Gosh that was such a shock!

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