Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 112 254.4 lbs

Well this week was a wash.  I essentially weigh the same as last week.  However, considering what I've been eating lately I'm amazed I didn't gain anything.

Still, I figured out a lot of things this week so really these last 3 weeks that I've been struggling have taught me a great deal and now I'm glad I went through that process.

First, and most important, I learned how crucial ketosis was for me in the beginning.  It was in ketosis that I could sail through the day without hunger and it was my choice whether I ate or not.  I've tried to get that back and hadn't been successful until I realized (admitted) that I was eating too many carbs to be in ketosis.

And I realized that using the glutamine works best while you are in ketosis.  I think it essentially eliminates the hardest aspect of getting to ketosis and that's the weakness/irritability that is so common when trying to get your body to adapt to fat burning.  I think this is a major discovery and I should be awarded a Nobel Prize.

I bought some Keto-stix yesterday just so I could check the ketones in my urine out of curiosity.  So far no keto spilling but I wonder if maybe one wouldn't spill ketones if they were all getting used for fuel?  I'll have to research that.

I also ran across some interesting info on cyclical keto diets.  Basically this means going in and out of ketosis on some sort of regular basis in order to get a break and have some carbs to restock the liver and muscles and satisfy some cravings.  I believe I naturally did this when I varied my calorie intake through out the week - some days no calories, some days too many calories, and the rest somewhere in between.  It's my goal to get back there again as well as stick better to the 8 hour eating window.  I liked how I felt when I was doing that and it wasn't so strict.  I could get in the comfort foods I was craving and yet still reap the benefits of a low carb diet.

Ha! I also ran across the neat idea of meatloaf burgers.  I like this idea a lot as I think I will be much more inclined to eat this kind of burger with a fork without feeling deprived the way I do when I try it with a regular hamburger.  Plus it should keep the burgers moist and not turn them into such hard hocky pucks which puts me off of eating leftover hamburgers.  Can't wait to try it this weekend.  Should also give me a chance to use the local breakfast sausage that I bought a while back and haven't used yet.

The one sad thing I have had to come to terms with this week is that I'm going to have to stop bike riding for a while if I want my knee to heal.  From the little research I have done, I realize that I still have posture isssues that are contributing to the pain/inflammation in that knee as well as just weak muscles over all.  I need to do some strength training and rest the knee for a bit.  Sad, sad, very sad. 

Thank god I have the MaxGXL though.  Thanks to it I am no longer limping and when I doubled the dose one day just to see how it would affect my knee I found it made it feel a lot better.  My knee had been feeling quite tight and swollen, but the Max took most of that away.  Yay Max!

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