Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 119 254.8 lbs

Well shoot.  Another week at 254 lbs.  That's a little disappointing as I did get back on track this week with the eating and I thought I'd  at least get to 253 (and I was hoping for 252).  However, the two things I could not do this week that I was doing in the past is I could not ride my bike (due to my knee, but it is getting better - more about that below) and I never did manage an all day fast.  I thought about (and tried a couple of times) not eating for a day, but instead listened to my body when it told me I needed to eat.  And since it took me a few weeks early on to manage an all day fast I suppose it isn't unreasonable that my body may need a couple of weeks of eating low carb again before its able to try again.  And, admittedly, I haven't been able to stick to an 8 hour eating window every day this week.  (Again, because I was listening to what my body needed.)  So hopefully, now that I've got the hunger back under control (and I'm not really sure how I did it exactly, just started eating more fat and protein and less carbs and turned it around in a day) this next week will do better.  I'm just really wanting to lose down to 252 by Monday which is the last day of May so that I will have lost 40 lbs in 4 months.  Sigh.

But other than the scale not showing any weight loss I continue to feel like my body is changing.  The new size 20 jeans that I bought now fit comfortably so I finally moved the size 22 jeans out of the closet.  (I started this at size 24 so that's 2 pant sizes down.  Woo hoo!)  I also bought smaller underwear.  All my old tops fit looser - not so snug at the chest anymore and I'm still getting compliments on how much smaller I look - even from people who see me frequently.  All this even though I techniquely haven't lost any weight in 3 weeks.  I don't really understand how that can be (and yes, I do know that as body composition changes your weight on the scale won't necessarily change) because the one measurement that I did take (around my stomach) hasn't changed in a couple of months.  I started out at 50 inches and it's still at 46 inches.  But that is one of the mysteries of weight loss so I'm just going to go with it and not sweat the lack of progress on the scale ... just yet.

I have done two treatments on my knee with the radio frequency machine at the clinic and the overnight improvement was truely unbelievable.  The feeling of tightness and swelling decreased tremendously and I was able to bend my knee farther - or at least that's how it felt.  And it really felt a lot stronger - almost to the point where I wanted to run up the stairs.  And the discomfort at the front of the knee really dropped as well.  It isn't 100% but it feels very close to the same as my left knee which causes me no problems at all.  I now have visions of being able to get back on the bike before the end of June.  Hopefully I can force myself to ease back into it slowly.

I also started using the new whole body vibration (WBV) machine we got at the clinic to quick start my strength training so I can get my legs and core stronger which will help with the bike riding (among other things).  I can feel my abdominal muscles as I lay here typing this (as well as my hamstrings and quads now that I'm paying attention).  And I can already tell that I'm using those muscles more now to get me up stairs or to sit down in a chair and get up from one.  All these changes make me happy and make me feel like I'm making progress so I will continue to do the WBV as many days a week as I can manage as it will also bring increased circulation to my knee and help it to heal that much faster.  I'm anxious to get it healed so I can finally start sprinting as that can increase fat burning up to 9 times so I'm counting on that to get my weight loss back closer to the 2 1/2 pounds a week.  All I can do is try and then wait and see.

I just reread the post prior to this one and realized I needed to say something about the ketosis.  I did buy the Ketostix and test my urine and it was always negative for ketones, so my theory that it was ketosis that had controlled my hunger didn't pan out because I do have my hunger back under control again despite not showing the ketones.  So what could account for the decreased hunger?  My next best guess is that my eating fewer carbs has restabilized my blood sugar so that it appears, for me at least, that blood sugar drops cause my hunger more than anything else.  It's amazing to me really.  That that had that much affect on me all these years.  If I'd only eaten more fat all these years I would have gotten the weight under control long ago.  (What does fat have to do with it you ask?  Because protein ratios really don't change much in actual practice.  It usually stays about 30% of calories, so that only leaves carbs and fat to play around with.  If you decrease your carb percentage, your fat percentage should naturally increase (unless everyone and their brother is shouting that fat is bad so you keep it low and end up mostly eating carbs and protein both of which stimulate insulin release and your back on the blood sugar roller coaster - makes me mad just thinking about it).

One last note, I didn't make meatloaf hamburgers as I didn't have the time so I just made the regular meatloaf which turned out pretty good.  Maybe a little too salty and a little too much tomato paste/ketchup, but man I love the stuff.  Yummm.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 112 254.4 lbs

Well this week was a wash.  I essentially weigh the same as last week.  However, considering what I've been eating lately I'm amazed I didn't gain anything.

Still, I figured out a lot of things this week so really these last 3 weeks that I've been struggling have taught me a great deal and now I'm glad I went through that process.

First, and most important, I learned how crucial ketosis was for me in the beginning.  It was in ketosis that I could sail through the day without hunger and it was my choice whether I ate or not.  I've tried to get that back and hadn't been successful until I realized (admitted) that I was eating too many carbs to be in ketosis.

And I realized that using the glutamine works best while you are in ketosis.  I think it essentially eliminates the hardest aspect of getting to ketosis and that's the weakness/irritability that is so common when trying to get your body to adapt to fat burning.  I think this is a major discovery and I should be awarded a Nobel Prize.

I bought some Keto-stix yesterday just so I could check the ketones in my urine out of curiosity.  So far no keto spilling but I wonder if maybe one wouldn't spill ketones if they were all getting used for fuel?  I'll have to research that.

I also ran across some interesting info on cyclical keto diets.  Basically this means going in and out of ketosis on some sort of regular basis in order to get a break and have some carbs to restock the liver and muscles and satisfy some cravings.  I believe I naturally did this when I varied my calorie intake through out the week - some days no calories, some days too many calories, and the rest somewhere in between.  It's my goal to get back there again as well as stick better to the 8 hour eating window.  I liked how I felt when I was doing that and it wasn't so strict.  I could get in the comfort foods I was craving and yet still reap the benefits of a low carb diet.

Ha! I also ran across the neat idea of meatloaf burgers.  I like this idea a lot as I think I will be much more inclined to eat this kind of burger with a fork without feeling deprived the way I do when I try it with a regular hamburger.  Plus it should keep the burgers moist and not turn them into such hard hocky pucks which puts me off of eating leftover hamburgers.  Can't wait to try it this weekend.  Should also give me a chance to use the local breakfast sausage that I bought a while back and haven't used yet.

The one sad thing I have had to come to terms with this week is that I'm going to have to stop bike riding for a while if I want my knee to heal.  From the little research I have done, I realize that I still have posture isssues that are contributing to the pain/inflammation in that knee as well as just weak muscles over all.  I need to do some strength training and rest the knee for a bit.  Sad, sad, very sad. 

Thank god I have the MaxGXL though.  Thanks to it I am no longer limping and when I doubled the dose one day just to see how it would affect my knee I found it made it feel a lot better.  My knee had been feeling quite tight and swollen, but the Max took most of that away.  Yay Max!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 105 254.2 lbs

Down almost a full pound this week which is amazing considering this has been my worst week eating-wise since I started.  In fact I'm not sure why my weight didn't go up this week.  The fact that it didn't is a testament to the power of this way of eating.

I really can't remember back to what I ate last Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was Mother's Day and I went to the Waffle House and bought the works so I could serve my mom breakfast in bed.  I got waffles and biscuits and gravy and hash browns and bacon and sausage and scrambled eggs.  Not that we ate it all that morning, but the leftovers were carbs and they set me up for hunger that I never really got back undercontrol until yesterday.  Wednesday was really bad as I gave in and bought some candy, including a bag of Blow Pops and then proceeded to eat all of it before the day was over.  (Shades of my old behavior creeping back in.  See?  I told you I was the world's worst carbaholic.)

But that was a bit too much and I was totally put off by sugar after that.  Didn't eat much yesterday as I just wasn't that hungry.  Still, I have to wonder how I managed to drop any weight after all that.  Plus I only exercised once this week.  It's been a busy week, plus my knee was hurting more from what I'm sure was transfat in the baked goods I ate this week.

Still, live and learn and I think what makes this diet (way of eating) so different that any other I have tried is how easy it is to get back to it after you have messed up.  I wish I could eat some bacon and eggs today, but my stupid body wants to be allergic to eggs so I'll just have to settle for the bacon.  So for lunch I'm going to fry up some bacon and then cook some chicken in the grease and have that on some lettuce along with tomatoes, avocado and strawberries.  Yummm.  Gotta love this diet.

So while I was kind of hoping to be down 50 lbs by my birthday in a week and a half, I knew that would be pushing it.  Now I'm just going to be happy if I hit 40 lbs which I'm not really worried about doing.  I may even make it to 42 or 43lbs.  We'll see!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 98 255 lbs

255 lbs.  Down 37 lbs since the beginning.  Feels like a milestone to me, which is weird because you would think a more even number like 250 would be a more likely candidate.  But getting into the 250s seemed like such an impossible task just 3 'short' months ago that to be solidly into the 250s, right at the midpoint, seems amazing to me.  I want to savor this victory, but it is hard to really feel it.  Intellectually I know what I've accomplished, but, its hard to describe, I somehow can't wrap my mind around it.

I didn't have any time to exercise this week.  The hospice calls were relentless this week and I didn't get much sleep and then had things to do during the day.  Still I dropped another pound and a half and it probably was more, but I ate some carbs last night, nothing crazy, but enough that I'm sure I'm holding onto some water this morning.  I really want to work more on getting more fresh food into me.  I depend heavily on fast food hamburgers for a lot of my meals.  I'm just not sure how to work it all in.  There is so much more I want to do exercise-wise as well.  I want to sprint, and do more of Scott Sonan's stuff.  I want to do the Samba DVD that I have.  I want to go for more walks.

Speaking of walks!  This is the week that a miracle occurred.  My knee/right leg has finally stopped hurting!  After 2 weeks on the MaxGXL, the inflammation in my body decreased enough that the pain in my knee, lower back and hip pretty much stopped.  I really didn't think that those remaining pains were all caused by inflammation but apparently they are.  The chiropractic and rolfing made huge, major differences, but that deep ache that kept me limping seemed intractable even though I kept making small improvements with the body work.

I really was shocked by this.  I still can't quite get over that it doesn't hurt to walk anymore.  (Well, there are small twinges, but they are no big deal.)