Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 84 262.4 lbs

Yes, up a little from last week, but I think I actually lost a pound.  What happened was I had a breakdown yesterday because of not having any food in the house and ate a lot of salty carbs and ate late so I know I retained a lot of water. 

But to tell the truth, I ate a lot of carbs this week, relatively speaking.  I believe what happened, besides not having food or time to prepare food, is that for various reasons, I couldn't exercise most of this week, but for a couple of weeks before that I exercised a lot and eating extra carbs didn't bother me. 

But then this week, without the exercise, the extra carbs started setting up the carb cravings.  Anyway, I'm learning.  I know I need to pay more attention to the food.  However, food has always been a problem for me so that will probably always be a work in progress for me.

On the physical side this week, I had a lot of success.  First my chiropractor tried some new things with me and really was able to help most of the pain in my lower back/sacrum.  Then my rolfer worked that entire hip, leg and pelvis and made HUGE progress on the knee pain and hip and groin tendon tightness.  I can really see and feel a difference in my range of motion in the area when I do the Intu-Flow.  There is still work to do but I'm so excited about this progress as I was (once again) beginning to despair of things ever healing.  Now at least I know that they can ... and will.

I'm off hospice so will focus on the exercise more this week.  Still struggling with fitting everything in.  But I'm still making progress so will just keep on keeping on.

Also today I had the first person who isn't in my family notice that I'd lost weight.  Woo hoo!  That was motivating and helped me get back on track.  I think I need to get back to coconut milk shakes again.  I think all that fat was beneficial. 

Still lots of work to do and a long way to go.  Emotionally it was a real roller coaster for me this week.  Like I said I really fell into dispare about my lower right side ever healing this week.  But then I was on a big high after getting all the improvement from the rolfing.  I just have to continue rolling with the punches.  It's no fun to go through but I now know I will come out the other side.  Usually by the next day.

And another hugh deal is that my best friend has had great results using the glutamine trick to control alcohol cravings.  Don't feel like writing too much about it right now, but it means so much to her to be able to have a tool to use.

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