Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 77 261.2 lbs

Down almost 4 lbs this week.  I guess that makes up for just the one pound last week.  (But after thinking about it, I think last week I was holding on to a lot of water from eating restaurant food more than usual while Bev was here.)  That makes it official:  30 lbs lost!  I'm trying to celebrate that, but my mind wants to gloss over it and wish for the 50 lbs loss.  Sigh.  It can be a struggle to just appreciate the process.

It's been a busy week, but in contrast it's made it feel easy to lose the weight this week.  I feel like it's been no effort at all.  I'm still eating all the leftovers Bev made while she was here.  I don't know what I'm going to do when they run out.  I don't have time to cook!  Anyway, so the food part was easy.  And even though I logged a total of 90 miles on my bike this week that didn't feel like work.  That was just fun.

So weird.  I don't even recognize myself anymore.  Gone are the days of never even getting out of bed for the whole weekend except when absolutely necessary.  I hardly watch TV anymore.  It all changed so spontaneously without me forcing myself.  Kinda cool actually.  And I dare anyone to suggest that it all because I just finally 'decided' to get serious.  What I did do is figure out how to balance my body chemistry.  Once that happened, then the cells started getting what they needed to function properly, my energy level increased and the natural inclination to move and do finally had the energy it needed to remanifest.  I have always hated reading in various books that the reason I was overweight was because I ate for 'emotional' reasons or that I was just lazy.  I always knew that I overate because I was compelled to eat by obsessive thoughts of food and that I was lazy because I had no energy.  And now my experience since starting this program has proven that I was right. 

Now, in other news.....  My right knee is still bothering me.  Enough that I really can't go for a walk.  I don't know what's going on inside of the damn thing, but it better get with the program here one of these days.  At least it lets me ride my bike.  I'd go stark raving mad if I couldn't at least ride my bike.  I started taking a new supplement two days ago that was recommended by my rolfer, MaxGXL.  It's to increase glutathione levels in the body and since glutathione is supposedly the most potent anti-inflammatory we have, it will subsequently reduce inflammation in the body as well.  And since my bet is that a lot of what is going on in my knee is inflammation related then the MaxGXL should make it feel better.  It's too soon to tell yet of course, but one thing it seemed to help with immediately was the teeth clenching when I sleep.  I noticed that first night that my jaw muscles weren't spontaneously tightening like they usually do.  Could be a coincidence and I know I did clench my teeth some last night so I'll just have to watch and see.  But boy would it be great to get rid of that problem.  My fingers are crossed!  It's also supposed to help you sleep better which would be fantastic if that would happen.  I've really run out of ideas on how to help me stop waking up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep.  Well, other than quit my on call job which I can't do just yet.  So my fingers are crossed for that effect too.

Here's another cool thing.  Last blog I wrote about having some protection from sunburn now that I've changed the way I eat and I wondered what it was that could be giving that kind of protection.  Well, when I was researching the MaxGXL I heard in one of the audios I listened too that glutathione helps to protect against sunburn.  They also said that the better diet one eats, the more glutathione one makes.  So that makes perfect sense when compared to the reports from people newly gone Primal or Raw Foodist.  Either diet is an improvement on the SAD so would naturally raise glutathione levels and improve ones ability to resist sunburning.  And so my guess that it had something to do with inflammation was also right.

I haven't done any more sprinting this week.  I'm still having a hard time fitting everything in.  Will continue to work on that.  Likewise, I still haven't started doing the Prasara Yoga yet even though the DVDs did arrive.  And now I've loaned them to my chiropractor until my next visit which isn't for another week, but that's ok because I start back to hospice this week so probably won't have the time anyway.  Sigh.

I did go out and try to buy a pair of size 20 jeans, but they were still too small so had to settle for a another pair of size 22 jeans.  However, they are big and tend to slide down.  I guess I'm in that awkward in between jeans sizes phase.  I'm betting I'll be able to get into the 20's in another 10 lbs so that should be in about a month.  So much for the myth of dropping a size for every 10 lbs you lose.

And speaking of dropping sizes.  We got the new Lipo Ex machine at the clinic last week.  It uses radio frequency to heat up the fat cells and get the fat to leak out of the cell and into the space between the cells.  You then need to burn that fat, but at least you get to decide which part of the body the fat comes from.  I've had two treatments so far on my lower abs as that it my worst area at the moment.  (Not by much though.  My thighs are an extremely close second.)  And while it is cool that I can encourage my body to take the fat from the area I want it, mostly I care about what effect it might have on helping me avoid having loose hanging skin after I finish losing approximately 150 lbs.  Now maybe my skin might retract on its own as I am trying to give it all the nutrients it needs, but I'm all for hedging my bet with the Lipo Ex.  I have nothing to prove here.  I just want the results.

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