Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 64 Miracles!

So many exciting things happening, I just had to post them right away!

First off, I did the rolfing session 2 days ago that addressed my right hip and leg problem.  Yesterday I noticed that it no longer hurt to walk!  My knee no longer felt weak or hurt when walking.  My hip didn't hurt.  My lower back didn't hurt.  I was walking around with my jaw dropped to the floor.  It was absolutely unbelieveable to me.  So while rolfing is not for the meek or shy, it offers so much in it's ability to 'unfreeze' the damages we sustain over our lifetimes.  I suspected that when I herniated a disc three years that all the intense pain caused muscle spasms in my hip and lower back area and that those areas might have knotted up just like the knots in my back that my massage therapist has worked out.  And now I know that the fascia was also effected.  Man I still can't believe it.  Thank god I tried the rolfing!

The next miraculous thing I noticed was that I tanned without burning yesterday.  That has NEVER happened in my entire life.  Now I had read bits on Mark's Daily Apple about others who had gone Primal and had noticed or thought they noticed this happening, but I never considered it would happen to me.  I want to know what could cause that change?  That ability to go out in the sun and not burn even when you are a pale pasty white from being inside all fall and winter long?  Could it be that not having the sugar in the diet creates that effect?  One poster mentioned that sunburn is an inflammation and eating Primal definately decreases inflammation.  But to have my body react so totally differently to the sun that it ever has before in my entire life after just 2 months on Primal?  I NEED an answer.  Not knowing why this happened is making me crazy! (In a good way though.)

The other thing I noticed is how, after doing the Intu-Flow for a couple of weeks now, that I no longer have tightness in the front of my shoulder.  I would always stretch my arm out at night when I went to bed and just let it hang to try to ease some of that tightness.  Last night I did it just out of habit and I was shocked when there was no tightness there at all!  OMG!  What is happening to me?  It is all so fantastic.  I just want to jump up and down with joy but I still weigh too much to do that yet.  Wow.  Awesome.  Thank god for Mark Sisson and his website!

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