Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 35 279.2 lbs

9 AM

I'm disappointed with my weight today.  I was hoping to have lost 2 lbs, not gone up .4 lbs.  But I guess I was half expecting it.  Not because of how I've eaten.  I've stayed primal for the most part except for the hamburger buns (which I'm now ready to give up). 

No, I figure the reason is I was down 4 lbs last week, which was artificially high I think, from being sick and not eating much.  Hopefully next week I'll be down to 277.

And I'm also hoping to start walking next week.  My knee continues to improve although I saw the chiropractor yesterday and he tugged on that leg again and now it's a little worse.  But today's Friday and since I start back on hospice today it will be Monday before I can go for a walk.  That gives it 3 days to heal up some more.  On the other hand, I also go back to the chiropractor on Monday....  So we'll see.

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