Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 31

4 PM

Not sure where to jump in explaining things.  No, I haven't fallen off the Primal wagon, but I have added another problem to my list of things to overcome.

This weekend I started looking around the blogs for info on hypothyroidism because I am so completely drained and can't recover from this cold.  Then I remembered a book my sister lent me months ago that I never read called 'Wilson's Temperature Syndrome'.

Long story short, I feel certain that my thyroid system is disfunctional.  My temp yesterday, 3 hours after waking, was 96.2.  No wonder I feel so crappy.  Luckily my sister is a doctor and has already treated one patient for this so can get me started soon.  I have no energy to blog any more today.  I have been eating my normal stuff.  If you want more info on this syndrome look here.

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