Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 9

Woo hoo! Slept 9 hours last night! (Thank you for no hospice calls last night.)

I tried a new breakfast this morning that I had dreamed up. I didn't get a picture, because it was pretty messy. I'll have to try again to get it right before I take a picture, but I had some round slices of breakfast ham and I thought, "Why not use them as 'bread' and put 2 poached eggs in between them for a kind of Paleo Egg McMuffin?"

The ham part turned out fine. I heated them in the microwave and then put on a slice of provolone cheese that I had (since I haven't had much cheese this week and I was feeling 'cheesy' this morning). I tried poaching the eggs, which almost worked, but I didn't poach them long enough and one of the yolks hadn't set and then the egg whites stuck to the pan so it fell apart when I tried to take them out. So it turned out very drippy, but it was really good. Definately will keep trying until I perfect it.

9 PM

Feeling pretty good at the moment. I'm now officially back on vacation. Yippee!

Today was another busy hospice day. No time to eat between breakfast at 8 AM and when I got home tonight at 7:30PM. But here's the thing. Even though I went almost 12 hours without eating and I was hungry and would have liked to eat, I didn't have to eat. And yeah, I thought wistfully on the way home about how nice it would be to pick up fast food, but it wasn't a serious thought. I absolutely had a choice. There was no compulsion to eat fast food and junk. It is mind boggling at how 40 some years of 'habits' can be switched off in a week. Habits my ass. It's physiology baby.

Out of curiosity, I took my blood sugar before I made a smoothie for dinner tonight. I've been taking my blood sugar off and on since 2006. Ever since I found out I was borderline diabetic. I've never had my fasting blood sugar in the normal range in all that time. Tonight it was 86. Wow. I knew it would come down once I cut out the carbs. In fact I was so sure I stopped taking my Metformin 2 days ago, but still, it was great to see proof. Tomorrow I'll take my blood pressure and see how that is doing.

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