Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 3 288.4 lbs

Weighed 288.4 lbs this morning. I wasn't surprised because I put way too much salt in my marinade last night. In fact, I seem to have over salted most of the things I've cooked since going Primal. I don't know what my deal is. Do I really over salt or am I salting my normal amount and it just seems like too much now?

I'm taking pictures of my meals and am trying to figure out the process of posting them to the blog. Hopefully I'll get it figured out before too long or I'm going to forget what goes where.

Dinner tonight was leftover taco salad made with ground buffalo. I made the mistake of adding coconut oil to it when I made it. I like coconut oil, but apparantly not in mexican food. Live and learn. Won't do that again.

I'm so glad I'm on vacation, because I have so much to learn that it eats up the day before I can even turn around it seems. I definately need cooking lessons. I've found a good site online - The Reluctant Gourmet - but I just need the time to spend on it.

I also need to start planning meals in advance more. That's almost all I've done is planning the next meal, then the next, then the next. I can't get a head. I'm actually going to steal the meal plan template from a great site - They really have a good set up. I'm going to start off just planning two days at a time so that by the end of the month I'll have the hang of it and can plan a week or two out ahead of time.

And as soon as I've learned to cook a little better, I'm going to start freezing what I can so I have more variety and don't have to cook so much. Good for those days when I have no time.

I really am completely surprised at how easy this has been. Not logistics-wise, but physiologically. Having the fat in the meal makes all the difference. The glutamine has saved me though. In the past, those moments of low blood sugar always did me in. They would eventually blossom into all out carb cravings, but with the glutamine, I just nip them in the bud. I can't say I've even had a true carb craving yet, although it was a little difficult to go to the grocery store yesterday and see all the goodies. But the more I read "Good Calories Bad Calories" the more I think of that kind of stuff as sweet poison. Avoid insulin spikes at all costs !!!!!!!!!

I need to cut down on my portion sizes because I'm not finishing all my meals.

I tried an elliptical today for the sprints and hallelujah it's actually going to work. I did three sprints this time. What's limiting me right now is the severe burn in my thighs. I'm looking forward to getting them stronger. And I found the perfect website to help me correct my posture so I can start walking again. I've already started implementing the posture corrections. It's like trying to walk, pat your head and rub your stomach all at the same time.

For breakfast this morning I fried up the package of Arkansas raised bacon that I got yesterday and fried a couple of Arkansas free range eggs. I ate about 4 or 5 slices of bacon I think - hard to know for sure because I had to cut them in half to fit them in the pan and I kept nibbling as I was cooking. They were pretty salty. No need to salt the eggs then because of it.

I slept late so really didn't eat breakfast until noon and then wasn't hungry again until 6:00 PM when I heated up the leftover taco meat. I ate a few Arkansas blackberries (4 I think) while I was prepping dinner. They were good. I think I'm going to go get a few more here in a minute.

I think (HOPE!!!) I may have figured out what is causing my leg rash (after more than a year). I suspect it may be my fish oil pills. It would make sense because I tend to take them randomly and the rash has always improved and worsened randomly with no apparent corrolation to anything that I'd eaten. Well, I'll soon find out. No more fish oil for me until I have decided if it is causing the rash or not.

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