Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 28 278.8 lbs

One month gone.  Can't believe it.  I remember how scared I was that first day.  I thought the transition was going to be so hard and it turned out to be very easy (thanks to the glutamine).  Too bad the planning, preparing of meals is still so difficult.  I think I won't be celebrating how easy that is until next year!

278.8 lbs.  Wow.  What a number.  I was so happy when I saw that on the scale this morning.  I was truely shocked because even though I had stepped on the scale a couple of times this week and I knew I was dropping (being sick was good for something) I really thought I would have gone back up considering the flour I've eaten in tortillas and hamburger buns this week.  (I know, calories still count and I haven't had a lot of them this week.)  That puts me at down 13 lbs for the month.  I can honestly say that in all these decades of dieting I have only lost 15 or 20 lbs once or twice.  That's how hard it's been for me to stay on a diet.  So this next month is the one that will let me know if I've found something I can stick with.

11 PM

Short summary:  Ate a Hardee's burger on the way into the clinic today about 11:30 AM.  I'm no longer able to finish eating the whole thing when I get these burgers.

About 3 PM (still at the clinic) ate a handful of roasted almonds.  They were old and tasted that way, but it was the only noncarb snack available.

On the way home stopped and got some precooked bacon at the store since it was going on 6 PM and I didn't want to wait to cook raw bacon.  Had 3 fried eggs with it.

But then I got hungry again about 8 PM, I guess because I hadn't had enough calories.  I had 1/3 of a serving of dark chocolate and made a coconut milk shake. 

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