Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 21 283 lbs

Well, very happy to see the scale drop another 2 lbs. I think the 17 hours or so of fasting a day that I've been doing are making a big difference. There really isn't much hunger or side effects such as weakness or dizziness. If I've had any, it's been fleeting and pass before I get around to taking any glutamine under the tongue. I love thinking that my body is burning stored fat for all those hours and really, it doesn't seem like I'm fasting at all since there is very little hunger during those 'munching' hours after dinner and bed and then in the morning, it's easy to stay busy until noon - something I did often anyway.

I tried something different with the protein shake today. I eliminated any protein powder (so I guess I can't really call it a protein shake anymore) and just used a whole can of coconut milk, some frozen peaches and a few ice cubes. It was ok, but came out kind of watery. Too many ice cubes and I think the peaches are pretty tasteless. I sure wish I had some more of those local, organic ones.

Anyway, it was definately fixable, but the reason I needed to change it in the first place is that I had a horrible night's sleep last night. Mostly owing to the fact that I was stupid and had the chocolate about 7 PM. I know how even a little bit of chocolate/caffeine affects my brain and sure enough, it was 'excited' for lack of a better way of putting it and there was no restfullness in what little sleep I did get. But the other factor was the stuffy nose I had which I feel sure is probably due to the whey protein powder. I've had issues with that in the past. I was just hoping it might be different this time. But a stuffy nose for me is a serious issue as I clench my teeth at night so if I can't breathe through my nose then I don't get a lot of oxygen.

I had felt compelled to use the protein powder however, in order to keep my protein levels up, but after reading over Peter's blog, Hyperlipid, I decided not to worry about it for just now and see how I feel.

I know my diet is very monotonous right now - burger, shake, bacon and eggs - but my previous fast food diet was pretty monotonous as well. But right now I need something quick and easy to fall back on as I try out new recipes. I mean ideally, I wouldn't have just jumped into this cold turkey. I would have taken a few months and found enough recipes I liked instead of doing what I'm doing now which is scrambling around after the fact. But c'est la vie. I'm muddling my way through.

I have noticed continued improvement in my inflammation levels as I've dropped the nightshades out of my diet. (I have mentioned that in a prior post right? I need to review what I've written before because I have trouble remembering if I've posted something or if I just thought about posting something. ) The aches in the big joint of my thumbs are considerably diminished. I'm going to try to eliminate all dairy now to see if that helps even more and especially if it helps my leg rash. It's still flaring up. God knows what's causing it. I don't have much left to eliminate at this point.

I'm still taking the glutamine and systemic enzymes on an empty stomach everyday hoping to speed up the healing of my gut lining. I had to stop taking the glutamine at night though as it does stimulate the brain and it was making it hard for me to sleep.

So, to finish, first meal was a hamburger with bacon, mayonnaise and some provolone cheese that I still had hanging around in the fridge with romaine lettuce leaves for the bun. It's very messy. I ate some more of the coconut/lemon custard, which I'm getting close to finishing. Then I had the coconut milk/peach drink. I'm back to work today so wasn't home for dinner and didn't get any eggs, but I did take some bacon in the car with me and ate that so I think I got most of my calories in for today anyway. And I wasn't hungry this evening so not getting the eggs didn't matter.

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