Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 20

9 PM

Started my day off with a trip to the chiropractor. He put me in neck traction for the first time today, but other than that, he likes to tug on my right leg a lot. (That's supposed to be funny, even if it is true. All of my problems are on my right side.)

Today it struck me how quickly I'm improving with the treatments. My neck and upper back are sooo much better and so is my lower back and ankle. Only that right knee is acting up, but wow, what a difference 2 weeks make. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Pretty soon I'll be able to start primal exercise for real.

Otherwise, it was another cooking day for me. I attempted onion rings with an egg and almond flour coating. It came out way too thick and they cooked too fast and needed some salt. Thankfully I only did three. But with most of the breading broken off, they tasted pretty good on my burger (which also included some bacon and my homemade mayonnaise on a romain lettuce leaf. Other than the fact that I put too much mayo on, it was pretty good.

While I was cooking the onion rings and burger, in an effort to get more calories in since it was already after 1 PM and I hadn't broken the fast yet, I ate a little of the dark chocolate and more of my coconut/lemon custard concoction. It still tastes pretty good, but is getting on the watery side.

What I noticed today though was how my hunger seems to be adapting to the eating window I've set for myself. Even though it was about 2 PM by the time I ate the burger, by 4 PM I had at least gotton over that 'I'm not hungry' feeling enough to drink the protein shake. And by 5:30 PM I was at the point where I could eat my bacon and eggs. Which made me very happy to get it eaten so early since I've have still been feeling very stuffed after eating the eggs at 7 PM even when I stay up to midnight and beyond. Tonight I feel much better. I even ate a little bit more chocolate just before my cutoff time (7 PM).

I really haven't added up the calories for what I eat in a day. Mainly because I just don't know how to calculate how much fat to account for when I pan fry the foods. Since I am hoping to avoid weighing and measuring I'm just going on instinct and how I feel for now. If that doesn't work for me then I'll adjust. However, I happen to know that the weight loss has continued as I sneaked onto the scale this morning, but I won't post until my 'official' weekly weigh-in day tomorrow.

Today was the end of my 3 week vacation. Tomorrow is back to work. I am just amazed at how different this 3 week vacation has been compared to the one I took at this time last year in order to start the Paleo diet. That was 3 weeks of frustration and total failure. Low fat just absolutely did not work for me. This time has also had it's share of frustration and failure, but there's also been huge successes. Not the least of which is that now food no longer controls me. To have that monkey off my back it worth it's weight in gold!

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