Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 19

11 PM

First food today was at 1 PM, due to appointments. I had a completely conventional burger at Ralley's. Yes I ate the bun, however I really wished I had an alternative because I didn't truly want it. Even with it in my hand, tasting it, I had no cravings for the bread.

So why not just take the bread off? Well, I was driving because I was already late for a meeting and it was an extra juicy burger so very messy. However, after the meeting I went to Whole Foods to pick up the case of coconut milk that I had ordered and also bought a head of romaine lettuce. For some reason I can now think of eating a hamburger that way, sans bun, at it seems perfectly acceptable. Two days ago I just couldn't bear the thought. Go figure.

Didn't get home till 4 PM so in an attempt to get some more calories in I ate a bunch of spoonfuls of my (now refrigerated) coconut custard souffle. It was pretty good today. Then I had 2 squares of the 85% organic dark chocolate bar that I bought. (One serving was 12 squares, so 2 squares was just one bite size.) Here again, neither of these two sweet treats set off any cravings. No compulsive need to eat as much as I can as fast as possible. How is that possible? (My thoughts on that in a minute.)

While I was eating the custard and chocolate I was making my protein smoothie. I tried out a new protein powder (EAS) because it was way cheaper than the Jay Robb I'd been buying. It tasted ok. Definately palatable, but it wasn't as creamy and it had a lot more air in it after blending.

So by the time I finished drinking the smoothie it was going on 5 PM. I knew I wouldn't be hungry again before 7 PM, but I didn't want a repeat of last night when I didn't eat the eggs and I fought hunger for the rest of the evening. So I went ahead and made the eggs - in fact I made 3 of them - along with about 3 slices of bacon and it wasn't hard to eat it. (When is bacon ever hard to eat?)

Only thing was I messed the eggs up. I was cooking them in a cast iron skillet, which I'm still learning how to use, so I tried to cook them without flipping them and the egg white just turned to rubber so I didn't eat much of it. Once more, just the cooking part is the most difficult part of this whole thing. (By the way, I found a lower sodium bacon at Whole Foods - their 365 brand. I'm going to cook it up tomorrow to see how it is. I do get tired of the high salt taste of the bacon. A little less wouldn't hurt anything.)

So, why no compulsive eating? Well I now know it's because my brain is getting the fuel it needs so it isn't sending any desperate eating signals. But that leads me into the topic of sugar addiction. I was just reading about this over at the Hyperlipid blog. I have long been of the opinion that sugar addiction is real. God knows it has been for me. I've been a sugar addict for as long as I can remember (which is back to 5 years old). As an adult, I tried everything diet out there and never had any success. It was impossible for me to stay on most of those diets fsor a whole day let alone long enough to lose any weight. It drove me mad that I couldn't even say a diet didn't work for me because I was never on one long enough!

Fast forward to now. In comparison, this Primal diet (way of eating) has been child's play. "Why?" I ask myself. Well, here's the deal. Because I used the glutamine whenever I got that 'I don't feel so good' feeling. It gave my brain the fuel it needed so it didn't escalate the signals to eat something and fast! No one can win against that survival instinct. Well, at least I hadn't been able to.

So is sugar addicting? Was I a sugar addict? My answer is now no. It was just to easy to stop. I haven't had to break any so called habits. Except for the damn club crackers showdown, I haven't had any cravings to fight off. How could 40 some years of an addiction be ended by just a little glutamine? I don't think it can. It wasn't an addiction. It was my brain wanting fuel. The glutamine gave my brain what it wanted so my brain stopped sending the signal to eat carbs.

But that's how it played out in my physiology. Not everyone who is overeating carbs is atracted to the sweet carbs. Others are more into bread and pasta. Some are alcoholics? Will glutamine work as well for others? I don't know, but what could it hurt to try?

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