Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 18

7:30 PM

It's been another mixed day. Well, I guess just emotionally as it wasn't a good day at home. But other than that . . .

I did some experimental cooking today. I tried again to make some hamburger buns. They came out a lot like drop biscuits, but the coconut taste was so strong from the flour that it completely overwhelmed the hamburger. So, back to the drawing board. I'm thinking of adding some cauliflower mash to the next try to give it some more substance (not so crumbly) and to let me cut down on the flour. Only this time I will use the almond flour.

I also made mayonaise Mary Eades style, which is more like Miracle Whip. It actually came out pretty good, only next time I would only add 1/2 packet of Truvia.

Then I tried to make a coconut-lemon custard which came out too thin, so I tried to add more Xanthum Gum to thicken it, but I guess I didn't add enough because it never did get as thick as I wanted it. Then I decided to add the whipped egg whites to make it more of a soufle texture, but I think it was too many. So then I tried to freeze it, but the unfrozen part tasted better than the frozen part, so I put it back in the refrigerator.

Changing the way you make all of your foods is definately challenging. And it isn't that I want to make a lot of 'fake' primal foods. But I do really want a hamburger bun.

So I had the bacon cheeseburger at noon, then a protein shake at 3:30 PM. After that I snacked on too many pieces of bacon so never did make any eggs.

In my defense, I hurt a lot today - my right leg, knee, foot, hip - from the chiropractor and personal trainer tugging on it yesterday and from the foot and leg exercises I did last night. (Yes, I did them.) It's feeling a little better tonight, but I will skip the exercises tonight and then try again tomorrow.

So, I'm glad I'm doing this blog because it reminds me that I've had discouraging days before and survived. (Even though once again tomorrow, I'm not going to have anything prepared to take with me since my buns didn't turn out. Oh well. I'll try the buns again on Thursday.)

To end on a more positive note, one of the most amazing things about this way of eating is how I don't crave junk food. I can honestly say that has never happened before. No plotting trips to Walgreens for candy. No trips to fast food for a whole bag full of food that still wouldn't fill me up. Better living through chemistry - body chemistry that is. Amazing how things just work when you give your body what it needs.

Oh, one last thing, I think I've finally satisfied my fat tooth. For the first time today I felt there was too much fat in my food. But that's ok. This whole time I've been listening to my intuition about what I wanted to eat. I figured I was just low on fat and once my body got what it needed then I wouldn't want it as much anymore and that is apparently what is happening.

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