Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 17

7:30 PM

It blows my mind that today is day 17 already. Those first few days seemed like they went on forever and now they are back to flying by. But I take that as a good sign. Primal living is fitting in well with my day to day life. (Not that I've lived my day to day life yet as I'm still on vacation, but it still counts.)

Well, as I thought, I ended up going to Burger King for a burger at noon. Not that I really had any other choice since I didn't have anything prepared. But after I finish this post I'm going to line up the recipes and make a list for the things I want to make tomorrow. The Oopsie Rolls are definately on the list as well as making and freezing the hamburger I bought. I'm seriously thinking about getting a deep fryer so I can make onion rings, amoung other things. I think I could make some onion rings big enough that I wouldn't need a bun for the burgers. I could just use 2 big onion rings as buns.

I went back to the chiropractor for my second adjustment today. He started working on my legs, ankles and feet, trying to get them back in balance. Of course at this point, I just go right out of balance again, but progress is being made. He did confirm that just by me walking right now, I am just reinforcing all of the distortions. I will need time as well as some strategic strength training to get everything to stay in place.

Then I was finally able to talk to a friend of my sister who is a personal trainer and he said all the same things my chiropractor said without even knowing about him. That definately made me feel like I was on the right track. Also he gave me some different exercises to do than what the chiropractor had given me. (Which I need to start tonight as he said it will take night after night persistance for a few months to get my hips, thighs, knees, ankles and feet strengthened again. I've been a couch potato for so long that all those areas have lost tone and no longer hold me upright. Anyway, I'd better do them before I get caught up in recipes. I'll let you know if I'm bad and don't do them.)

After lunch I had several clients at the clinic so didn't get to eat again until I got home at 5 PM. Thank goodness for quick protein shakes. Then I was worried that I wouldn't be hungry again soon enough to get in another meal by 7 PM. Surprisingly, I was hungry pretty quickley but it was 7 when I finally sat down to eat after getting the bacon cooked. Yup, had fried eggs and bacon again. I guess I've found a good combination of nutrients with the burger, shake and bacon/eggs because I haven't grown tired of it yet.

Speaking of the protein shake, I've been using Jay Robb's egg protein powder because I'm leary of using the whey protein until my leaky gut is healed. Then again, I feel the same way about the egg protein. However, the egg protein is pretty expensive. $20 for 10 servings, except I realized tonight I was using 2 scoops which equals 2 servings so that one container will only last 5 days at that rate. Although, if I put it in perspective, I was getting fast food anywhere from 1 to 3 times a day for pretty much $10 per meal so even if I keep using 2 scoops each day, that is still only $4 per meal - less than half of what I was spending on fast food. (There, I just made myself feel better.)

In other news, I'm still liking doing the 17 hour fasts each day. It hasn't been hard at all and I like the way I feel. Lighter and healthier. Still having trouble falling asleep at night (it was almost 2 AM last night) but I think that's from taking the glutamine so late. It says it's better to take it on an empty stomach but I may have to take it at 9 PM before I feel like I'll have completely digested dinner just so's I can maybe fall asleep by midnight.

Just as a side note, but to me it looked like the circles under my eyes had improved a lot, but it's too soon to say before. I've been tricked by my own wishful thinking in the past.

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