Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 13

10 PM

Well, my post about the Club Crackers was a jinx. Between last night and now, I have eaten the 3/4 of a package that was left in the box.

It's been a tough food day. I got tired of cooking and tired of experimenting so tried to get by on very little. I had 2 sausages for breakfast, but by the time I got home from the chiropractor's, I was hungry and wanting something different so I made a chicken quesadilla. Only non primal thing was the tortilla, but it got me through - I hoped.

Afterwards I was still craving though so I ended up mixing some cream cheese, sour cream and stevia for a little 'cheesecake'. Got hungry again later so I made a smoothie, then got hungry again after that (about 8:30 PM) so made another one.

I feel stable again now and I know my problem is that I'm not making balanced meals and I'm trying to get by on just a little here and there. But I didn't expect this to be easy. I hoped it would be easy, but I didn't expect it. I know a year from now I will still be working at this, but I am looking forward to being a year into this because I know by then I will have worked through a lot of the hurdles. Sigh.

I did finally get to the chiropractor today and we spent quite a bit of time going over my xrays. I can't believe how twisted and torqued my spine is. No wonder I can't do anything without making the pain worse. I really like this chiropractor though. He doesn't just put me on the table and do the same adjustment everytime. His adjustments are strategic and he spends time teaching me how to stand differently and what exercises to do. I have a lot of confidence that he can help me repair a lot of this damage.

Well, tomorrow is another day. I'll put this one behind me and keep slogging on.

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