Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 12


It's been an oddly gratifying yet frustrating day.

I woke up kinda late and wasn't hungry so didn't eat breakfast. At noon, I took the 3 (humongous) chicken breasts that I had marinating in buttermilk all night and attempted to fry them.

Since my cast iron skillet was small and the chicken breasts were so large, I could only fry one at a time, which was ok as I've never fried chicken in my life and I didn't want to ruin all three of them. One I used almond flour, the next I used coconut flour and the third I used a mixture of both. I thought I was going to be able to report that both all three were equally good and they all tasted normal. Then I strained the oil I used and found out that basically all the seasonings and flour that I put on the chicken ended up on the bottom of the cast iron skillet.

Bottom line: I spent 3 hours cooking and cleaning up for 3 chicken breasts when it would have been the same to have just roasted them. (Which is what I half did anyway as they didn't cook to a high enough temp and I had to finish them in the oven.)

Oh well. Live and learn. I'm just glad I had my day totally free to mess around with this. It's just frustrating that nothing I've tried to cook since starting Primal has turned out that great. Who knew cooking without carbs was so difficult?

Then there was dinner. I couldn't wait to make some Jalapeno Bacon Thingies ever since I found the recipe on The Pioneer Woman the other night. And once again, they turned out ok, but nothing to brag about. Sooner or later something is going to turn out great.

Some other things I keep meaning to talk about: the rash on my legs and leaky gut syndrome and exercise. All of these things I have to deal with and are causing me to go slower than I might otherwise have.

For example, I had lots of energy today. Got tons of things done and I wish exercise could have been one of them, but because my posture, spine, muscles are all out of kilter, any type of exercise exacerbates everything. I'm trying to work with a chiropractor to get things back on an even keel, but the weather has kept me from seeing him. I have found some exercises I can do for my back on line, but haven't found the time to start them. I have put it on my list for tomorrow .........

I've finally accepted that the rash on my legs is from leaky gut. I've been very surprised how much inflammation I still have in my joints despite having no grain or sugar and very little dairy. I can only conclude that leaky gut is letting in undigested particles of even the good food that my body is seeing as the enemy. I need to take some time and organize my gut healing program. I have it in bits and pieces but I need to hit it hard for the next 3 months and get this healed.

I'm already doing enzymes, both digestive and systemic. I'm taking probiotics, but I have a second kind that I should also take. I have colostrum, but I need to take it twice a day and on a regular basis. I learned yesterday that I should be taking glutamine 3 times a day for leaky gut as well as aloe vera (both of which I have). And I need to do the transdermal magnesium a lot more often than I have been as well as the infrared sauna.

Soooo much to learn, do and cooordinate. And time is just flying.

To end on a positive note however, I did go to Walmart today and was still so surprised at how easy it was to totally ignore all the junk food. There were some, what I would call, reflex craving twinges, but they really were only a reflex. I did not want to eat any of it. No problem at all just passing it by. As a matter of fact, I've had a box of club crackers laying on the floor by my bed this whole time and while it has crossed my mind to eat some, it hasn't been hard to resist the urge. And how bad could it be considering I haven't picked them up and thrown them away yet?

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