Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 11

2 PM

Having a great day. Plenty of food in the house and plenty of delicious looking recipes to try in the pipe. My car is stuck in the driveway from the snow so I can't go anywhere. So I've spent the day reading Primal and eating Primal.

For breakfast I fried 2 eggs in bacon grease and heated up two of the sausages I made last night. Not sure how many calories that worked out to, but if I do a quick calculation in my head .... I'd say no more than 500 calories. Same amount as one of my usual 'diet' meals only completely and totally and utterly satiating. I just can't get over not feeling hungry. I've spent most of my life hungry it seems, no matter how many thousands of calories I would consume on a massive fast food meal. Now I can do it on a mere 500 calories. Freedom!

For lunch I did manage to salvage the crockpot beefalo cube steak I made last week. Per The Pioneer Woman recipe, I carmelized some onions and then sauteed the leftover cube steak in some butter, Lawry's salt, worchestershire sauce and a few dashes of hot sauce. I'm definately having trouble with using too much fat and salt, but the food was still way more palatable that way than it was fresh out of the crock pot. I'm sure I'll quickly learn how to moderate both the fat and the salt. Just need more experience.

I have bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts soaking in buttermilk. Not sure if I'll make that today or tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to it. The chicken is generic store brand, not organic but I don't want to ruin good chicken until I know how to make the recipe. (Lesson learned.) I want to make the stuffed jalapeno thingys but can't get to the store. Dang it. Hopefully tomorrow.

On a side note, I shot off an email to Mark at Mark's Daily Apple to pass a recipe and a link onto him and I even specified that he didn't have to take time to answer, but he sent a short reply anyway. I guess what still boggles my mind is how we can now communicate with the authors of the books we read. After all the years and all the thousands of books that I've read on diet and never having a way to contact them (it actually didn't occur to me back then because it couldn't be done) and now I can send an email and get a reply back the same day (or same hour!). How cool is that?

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