Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 10 283.8 lbs

Just had to weigh myself this morning after 2 days of forced intermittent fasting. I was quite pleased. Had another surprise this morning as well. An unexpected snow storm that dumped about 5 inches of thick, heavy, slushy snow.

And me, without any food in the house. So I did what any cavewoman would do. I went out and braved the weather, walked to the grocery store, and brought home the bacon - literally. I can't say how treacherous that snow was. Sooo much more slippery than normal snow. The store was only about 4 blocks away, but I was worn out by the time I got there. Every step was - step, slide ... step, slide. I traveled twice as far as I needed to because of it.

I brought along my big leather backpack to put the groceries in and then started the long slog back home. I was very trepidatious because it was mostly downhill and I couldn't see how I could do it without ending up on my butt. Then I was saved! A nice young man in a truck with snow chains offered me a ride. (Only in a snow storm is it ok to get into a truck with a man you don't know.)

He drove me to my driveway and after he drove off and I took one step onto the sloping driveway I knew I had been right. I immediately did a split and went down into the slush. Since there was no question of being able to stand up on a slope in that stuff, I just crawled down the rest of the way on my knees. Good thing no one was outside to see.

But I returned home triumphant with lots of bacon, sausage, chicken for frying and ground turkey for southwestern turkey burgers. No, none of it was organic, but beggars can't be choosers in a snow storm.

After recuperating, I fried up all of the bacon and sausage. Dinner was eaten by napping the first two batches of bacon. Yumm! But the best part is I now have bacon grease for frying my Southern Fried Buttermilk Chicken tomorrow. Life just doesn't get any better. Except ....

I Googled what to do with bacon grease since I didn't know and discovered a world of goodness. Suddenly vegetables sound good. Well, anything sounds good if you can fry it in bacon grease. Now I'm back to being excited about eating Primal again. It just keeps getting better and better.

In other news, my body feels completely transitioned now. No real cravings for carbs - except for fleeting twitches when I see a recipe as I'm searching for Primal ones. No need for the glutamine. So glad now that I bought the small bottle.

Oh, and before I forget, breakfast this morning was the last hard boiled egg that I made last Thursday and more of the leftover meatloaf. For lunch, I did my first experiment with making a chocolate protein smootie. I added a little too much chocolate and it was very thin, but still drinkable. Lots of room for improvement. I have to say though that the coconut milk wasn't as tasty with the chocolate as it is with the fruit.

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