Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 2 288 lbs

Slept a little better last night. Woke up early but couldn't cook because mom was still asleep. Ended up having some raw macadamia nuts, raw goat's milk cheddar cheese, some baby carrots and 1/4 of an orange. I'm glad it happened though because those things would make great take along snacks.

Lunch was leftover pork loin that I shredded and cooked in butter and grapeseed oil along with my last salmon pattie that I made a while ago. It had a little bit of flour in it, but I wasn't going to let it go to waste. Added some canned green beans with some butter. It was an ok meal. The pork was just too dry though.

The ice has finally thawed enough that I was able to leave the house, although it did take mom and me 30 minutes of effort to get my car up the driveway. I was planning on doing some sprints today, but didn't have to after that.

I picked up my first order of Arkansas food and I'm excited to have the bacon and eggs for breakfast in the morning. I also stopped by Kroger and found the Kerrygold Irish butter and some almond meal as well as wild caught shrimp and pacific salmon. I'm so hungry right now, but it's a little too early to start dinner. I ate 1/8th of an orange and some raw pistacios for a snack, but it hasn't helped. I think it's carb cravings. I'll stop and take some glutamine.

The glutamine has been a real lifesaver. The first part of the day was so easy. I felt really upbeat and happy which I attribute to the 2 500 mg tryptophan capsules I took before bed last night, but my mood has been dropping for the past couple of hours. I think tomorrow I'll try to take a dose late morning or so.

Trying to decided what to have for dinner tonight. I have some pan steaks thawed so I should really do those and make a dressing to use on the fresh baby romaine leaves I got today with my Arkansas food. I just don't have much energy to even think about it, but I'll pull myself together and figure it out. Day two almost done! Looking forward to a month from now when I have a lot more figured out.

Last, but not least, I dropped 4 lbs since yesterday. I'm not surprised since it seemed all I did was pee yesterday. Same thing today though so I'll weigh again tomorrow just out of curiosity. I've never stopped all carbs cold turkey like this before so I'm really curious how much water weight all those carbs and inflammation caused by them caused my body to hold onto.

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