Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 1 292 lbs

Day One of Going Primal. It's 9:30 AM and I just finished breakfast of 4 scrambled eggs with coconut milk and cooked in butter. I had a hard time eating it all because it was not a taste I'm used to and eggs was all I had. I'm iced in from the ice storm yesterday and can't get out to get groceries. I'm going to have to create meals from what I have in the house until tomorrow when I hope it will thaw enough so I can get out.

I was supposed to pick up my first order of locally grown meat and veggies today, but it got moved to tomorrow due to the weather. I hope it will thaw enough for driving by then because I've ordered some beefalo steaks, bacon, eggs, chicken and some veggies and fruit. All locally and naturally grown/raised.

I'm pretty nervous about what's going to happen today. My body has run on sugar for pretty much all of my 48 years. I just don't know how rough this transition is going to be. I have all the tools with me that I figured out might help with the transition - glutamine and tryptophan are the main ones. I'm going to try to do sprints as much as possible to drain the muscles of glucose in hopes that will speed the transition.

Here goes nothin'.

3:00 PM

I slept some more after breakfast and then attempted 2 sprint cycles which didn't get me very winded, but did wake me up at least. Made taco meat with ground buffalo for a taco salad. It was ok. I added some coconut oil for more fat, but I'm kinda sick of the coconut flavor. Luckily I had some guacamole which saved the whole thing.

I've used the glutamine under my tongue several times now when I started to feel peckish. I'm so glad I have it because this day is going a lot easier than I thought because of it. I'm still nervous about what may lie ahead in the coming days however.

6:30 PM

Just ate dinner. Made a pork loin that I had and some frozen broccolli. I attempted to make a pan sauce, but didn't have any broth, so just minced some onion and garlic and deglazed with white wine vinegar and then added some butter. It was all just ok. I'm a little discouraged by all the cooking I need to learn. It seems like an insurmountable obstacle. I'm just going to focus on one meal at a time. Hopefully by the end of the first week I'll have figured out how to plan a head more.

I feel pretty drained. Like I'm walking with heavy, wet clothes on. I guess my mitochondria are freaking out over the lack of sugar. But I have to say, overall, I feel a lot better than I thought I would. I didn't start with the depression today so I haven't used the tryptophan yet. I think I'll take some tonight before bed though, to maybe help me sleep better. I'm still a little nervous about what tomorrow will bring, but not as much as I was this morning.

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